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Add Flexibility To Your Workforce

Staffing shortages are a roadblock to your business success. You miss promised delivery dates. You can’t take on new projects. Your current staff is stretched too thin. The result? Quality drops, production slows, and your employees are overworked and burned out. Turnover skyrockets and your reputation in the industry takes a hit.

There’s a simple solution – THE STAFFING NINJA.

We know the local talent market and our industry specialties. When you need skilled or unskilled workers, we deliver quickly and accurately. Our well-qualified workers are ready to meet your staffing demands any time they arise. No red tape. No headaches. Just flexible labor options that roll with the peaks and valleys that are the reality of our economy.


  • Gain access to qualified workers.
  • Address staffing shortage.
  • Prevent skills gaps.
  • Adapt to changing demand.
  • Add flexibility to your workforce.

Our Services

Temporary Staffing

Meet tight project deadlines and keep up with project requirements or seasonal peaks. Temporary staffing provides the resources you need to rise to the challenge of staffing shortages with skilled, vetted workers when you need them most.


Try one of our employees at your facility to assess their skills and work ethic before extending a job offer. It’s a risk-free way to hire for full-time positions, you know the employee meets your expectations, and they know what to expect from the job.

Managed Payroll Solutions

Payrolling helps you control costs, eliminate risk and offload time-consuming administrative tasks. Let THE STAFFING NINJA take full responsibility for your payroll administration so you can remain focused on driving revenue and growing the business.

What The Payrolling Advantage Offers:

  • 100% Transfer Of Liability
  • No Workers’ Comp Audits
  • No Health Benefit Minimums/No Cost To Client
  • No Compliance Worries
  • No Issuing Paychecks
  • No Worry About Funding Payroll
  • Safety And Risk Management
  • Free Time Clocks Provided With 30 Or More Employees
  • Reduced Unemployment Liability

PEO Services

Visit our sister company, Pain in the Staff. We handle HR administration for small to midsize companies to free them to focus on their core business.


Managed Payroll Solutions


THE STAFFING NINJA. Your secret weapon in the war for talent.